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Dated: 08/08/2017

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“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” — The Dalai Lama 

So you've just purchased a new home? Congratulations! Ever get the feeling that you're leaving a stone unturned after the closing process? Here are five easy ways to help conquer the famous "buyer's remorse".

  1. Refrain from constantly looking at new and future listings: Find yourself constantly thinking "what if?" after the purchase of your new home? Draw back from your routine search of new properties for sale. Focus on the great qualities your new home possesses, and bask in the excitement of the journey ahead!

  2. Meet the neighborhood: Whether you're moving to a completely different town or just down the road, start getting familiar with nearby stores, restaurants, and take time to research reviews on the go-to hotspots in the area! It will definitely help create a comfort zone around your new place.

  3. Add a personal touch: With the closing in the past, it's time to start looking forward to making your new home more like you. Work from the outside-in by making changes to the exterior of your home, (maybe a new mailbox), to the interior. Choose a room in the house and make it yours. Maybe it's a piece of furniture that makes the room more comfortable, or a picture. Either way, choose what works for you and don't forget, this is your home now. You have time.

  4. Budget, budget, budget: A new home comes with new expenses. Whether it has to do with the cosmetics of your place or its utilities, creating a budget can help you feel in control of your finances. Steer clear of impulse purchases, as they can easily add up and take any new homeowner by surprise come the release of new bank statements each month. Focus on the needs instead of the wants during this process, and you'll be sure to remain afloat.

  5. No regrets: Review these steps, take a deep breath, and let the excitement set in! Remind yourself that this home was chosen by you for a reason. Your decision was built off of the research of multiple properties, interest in the home itself after viewing, and the realization that led you to make this choice. Be proud of your new investment, and enjoy moving into this new adventure.

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