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Dated: 09/05/2017

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The Housing Market attracts a variety of populations than its previous target. These days, it seems more common to assist younger adults with the home buying process than our middle aged to senior adults. According to an article in Professional Builder, here are some top requests produced by today’s current home buyers that realtors need to be aware of when helping sell or buy a home…

Design and Layout  Current homebuyers are interested in a ‘minimalist’ layout, focusing on the flow of each room in their house, and most importantly lots of open space. Not only will the flow of each room create a sense of relaxation for a homeowner, but it creates specific purpose in the house. Purpose tends to be the sole focus of today’s younger population; contributing to one’s job choice, education, and individual values.

The Kitchen – The dining room seems to have been replaced by what we now know as the famous “breakfast nook”. Home buyers prefer a less formal eating area, instead of having a sit-down area shut from the house.

The Bath – Bathtubs have returned as a required bathroom element. Where showers used to be top preference, it is essential to have a tub. Overall, the current home buyer prefers both a shower and a tub together. With this being the generation consumed by ‘the working man or woman’ stress and tension are a common occurrence. Looking for any sort of relief, bathtubs are the relaxation element needed for a majority of buyers to be satisfied.

Interior Details – We’re currently living in the era of technology. A home sold in this time needs to have multiple outlets throughout each living space, and the best wifi and wifi location. While touring houses, home buying prospects are looking for the ideal setup for laptops, tablets, flat screen tvs, and cellphones. All of which also require the best eco-friendly setup possible within the home. With so many electronic properties, the new home buyer is looking for appliances that use less energy, hoping to spend less on utilities and more on technological upgrades.

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