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Dated: 08/14/2017

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Over the past decade, the Real Estate market has stepped into a threshold of technology that has increased the presence of home listings and sales. Some may wonder, how did this ‘upgrade’ take place? Here are a few specific changes to the market that have taken a name in these past ten years, as well as where we used to be in regards to promoting Real Estate as a whole.

  1. Homes Sell Faster! It’s no secret that these days, a house is put on the market and within days, it’s under contract or at least has multiple offers on it. That’s not how it’ has always been. The first few showings of the house are now able to be done online with “virtual tours”.

  2. Renting is Appealing – With millennials usually being the biggest percentage of new buyers, the struggle with the Real Estate market is their comfort with renting instead of buying. Debt is prominently discussed with the current generation, and young adults are now being informed that renting a property is a good idea until one can fully afford to buy a home.

  3. Online vs In Person – Where it was vital to meet with a Real Estate Agent before, the ‘first look’ on a house is most likely done online. Agents and companies alike are able to post their new listings via social media and the interweb, create virtual tours ,and post images for the home instead solely using street and yard signs for advertisements. Technology has taken the market by storm and in-turn has raised the percentage of buyers and sellers overall.

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